15% off Fertility Center IVF /ICSI Treatment Package



This package is exclusive for foreign couple only.

15% off Fertility Center IVF /ICSI Treatment Package

ICSI Cost in Thailand
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is a medical procedure that helps couples facing pregnancy issues conceive a child successfully. It is basically an alternative reproductive technique that can also be seen as an extension of IVF. ICSI is considered to be one of the most advanced and successful treatments in the country to solve infertility in males.

The ICSI Process- An Overview
ICSI is usually seen as an extension of IVF. The procedure is recommended by doctors to further enhance the couple’s chances of conceiving. It is a methodical process in which a single sperm is directly injected into the egg for fertilization. This technique is typically adopted to solve issues of male infertility and impotence. ICSI can also be seen as an alternative to IVF.

When a couple should consider ICSI treatment solving the infertility issue?
Circumstances within which ICSI will be fitly acted upon:

  • Men, who are producing low count of sperm(a case known as oligospermia)
  • Less motility of the man’s sperm (asthenozoospermia)
  • The sperms are morphologically unfit (teratozoospermia)
  • Multiple times of IVF failure due to sperm issues during the fertilization
  • Attempting multiple times of IUI technique without getting success
  • The senior fertility expert has suggested the couple to go for ICSI after analysing the semen assessment report

ICSI/ IVF Treatment Package

🔹Pre-Screening Blood Test for Male -Female
🔹Doctor Fee&Nurse Fee (4 times)
🔹Transvaginal Scan+Hormone Monitor (4 times)
🔹Medicine for Ovarian Stimulation
Included Prevention 3 Dose + Trigger 1 Time (3,000 unit)
(Approximate 25 THB/unit)
🔹Doctor Fee OPU+Anesthetist Fee
🔹Egg Retrieval & Sperm Collection
🔹ICSI (Fertilization)
🔹Embryo Culture from Day 1-Day 6
🔹Laser Assisted Hatching


🖋Pay Per Bill
🔹NGS for 23 Chromosomes 10,000 THB/embryo
🔹Biopsy Day5/Day 6 10,000 THB/day
🔹Embryo Freezing 4,000 THB/embryo
🔹Embryoscope Plus (16 embryo/Slide) 10,000 THB
🔹Frozen Embryo Transfer (50,000 THB)
Include Medicine for Preparation
DF+ TVS + Thrawing + Medicine Support

🖋Note :

🔹This package is exclusive for foreign couple only.
🔹This price can be used from now until 31 December 2021 and the patients have to attend the treatment program within 31 December 2021.
🔹This package can not be deducted from any other packages or promotions of Smile IVF Clinic.
🔹The package is nonrefundable for any cancellation.
🔹Package Conditions are in accordance with Smile IVF Clinic’s regulation and guidance.
🔹Conditions may be changed without prior notice.

**Offer valid from 1st Jan 2023 until 30  June  2023



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