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Sperm preparation

Sperm preparation

In the process of fertilization by ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is an important step in choosing the perfect sperm to fertilize with the egg directly. Therefore, the qualified sperm will increase the rate of fertilization (Fertilization Rate), the rate of embryo development to Blastocyst stage (Blastocyst rate), Normal embryo (Euploid embryos) and also reduce miscarriage rate.

Dead sperm or Apoptotic Sperm will find the fragment of a nucleus piece called DNA damage or DNA fragmentation. If these sperm is used for fertilization, will not have qualified embryos and also resulting in low pregnancy rates.

At present, we have many special methods of sperm selection.
There are 2 methods that most popular and provide good results as follows;

  1. MACS Sperm (Magnetic-Activated Sorting Sperm)
  2. HA-ICSI


MACS Magnetic activated cell sorting Sperm

MACS Sperm is a method of selecting the strongest sperm (Non-Apoptotic sperm) based on the principle of the dead or damaged sperm cells (Apoptotic Sperm) will break apart. These causing Phosphatidylserine (PS) to leak from the sperm to its skin which is an indicator that sperms do not have good quality. The PS substance is very well attached to the Annexin V.


When the sperm is brought to run through a small compartment which is coated with a magnetic substance and Annexin V, the dead sperm will be trapped and can’t run through. Therefore, only the healthy, strong sperm will pass through this compartment and can be used for ICSI process.
Benefits from using MACS Sperm


Several studies have found that using MACS Sperm provide more than2-3 times of getting good sperm quality and reduce the number of dead sperm when compared to conventional methods.


Moreover MACS sperm can help;

  1. Improved fertilization rate and Blastocyst rate
  2. Increase the success rate of pregnancy
  3. Decrease miscarriage rate when comparing to unused MACS sperm groups


Who should use the MACS Sperm method?

  1. The couple who had treated IVF/ICSI with the result of low quality of embryo, the embryo had stopped development in between growing stage or had fail from many times of embryo transfer.
  2. The male partner had history of sperm quality problem, such as having a lot of infected sperm, unusual shape of sperm, low motility of sperm and high damage of nucleus, DNA Fragment Index > 30%.



Hyaluronan Acid (HA) is a protein that surrounds the egg cells. In the natural of fertilization process, only the perfect sperm will come in contact with this HA. After that, the sperm will move through the egg cell and fertilize with nucleus, then occurs the embryo.

At present, we use HA substance to drip on a culture plate that placing sperm. HA substance will interact with the sperm and help to select strong sperm for ICSI process, called this technique as HA-ICSI.


Benefits from using HA-ICSI

Most studies support the benefits of using HA substance can increase fertilization rates and provide more chance to have the embryos that can reach Clevage and Blastocyst stage. In addition, it also increases the implantation rate, pregnancy rate and decrease miscarriage rate when compared to groups that are not used HA-ICSI.



Methods that select the perfect sperm before fertilization process (ICSI).
However, both methods have different advantages. MACS Sperm is good in terms of sperm selection from shape, complete nucleus, and no fragment of genetic material. HA-ICSI is like natural sperm selection by screening sperm function that bind to the HA substance on the egg surface.

Smile IVF Clinic apply both methods for sperm selection for getting the strongest sperm in the fertilization process, increase chance of successful pregnancy and reduce miscarriage rate.