IVF Counselling by Smile IVF

Consultation for causes and treatment of infertility

IVF Counselling by Smile IVF

Counselling investigation and treatment of infertility problem

If any spouse is trying to have children more than 1 year and still not pregnant by not taking birth control and having regular sex at least 2 times a week or during the ovulation phase, show that you have infertility problems. Also, if you have tried more than 6 months in a spouse whose wife is older than 35 years old, then this is considered as a problem with infertility.

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Diagnosis for infertility cause

Nowadays infertility is a common problem. In every 7 spouses who is trying to have children, at least 1 spouse will encounter this problem. The infertility cause can be from both female and male, therefore both should be diagnosed.

When the spouse starting the treatment at Smile IVF, we will gather for information such as age, duration of trying to have children, frequency of sexual intercourse, pregnancy history, miscarriage, chronic disease history, and general health.


Male : Physical examination to find the abnormalities of the testes and the genitals.
Checking quantity, shape and quality of sperm in order to evaluate the effectiveness of sperm.


Female : Ultrasound examination to assess the pelvic, uterus and ovaries. Blood collection, hormonal examination to assess ovarian function. Special examination methods such as Hysterosalpingography (Color injection to evaluate the uterine cavity) and Hysteroscopy or abdominal endoscopy

When a specialist doctor and team get all the information, then analyze the cause and make a treatment plan for each spouse to make you successful in having children


Procedures and Treatment planning

Preparation before starting the treatment

Before starting the treatment, husband and wife should receive advice on health preparation as follows

  1. Sleep enough at least 6-8 hours a day, sleep before midnight, relieve stress and reduce anxiety will balance pregnant hormonal levels and improve the chance of pregnancy.
  2. Regular exercise, weight control to be less than 30 kg / square meter base on the standard of Body Mass Index (BMI)will help the ovarian function respond better to hormones and treatment. Besides BMI control can increase success rate, it reduces complications during pregnancy.
  3. Nutrition foods, supplements, vitamins or minerals are essential to nourishing the body and increase the quality of germ cells (eggs and semen). Suggest to eat or take at least 1 month before treatment, such as
    • Folic Acid : 5mg per day for both male and female
    • Co-enzyme Q10 : 60-100 mg per day for both male and female
    • Zinc : 50mg per day for male
    • Vitamin C : 100mg per day for male
    • L-Argenine : 1,000mg per day for female
    • DHEA : 100mg per day for female
    • Calcium : 1,000mg per day for female
    • Vitamin D : 400 IU for female
    • Vitamin E : 800 – 1,000 IU for female
  4. Stop smoking can improve pregnancy chance. There is data confirming that the female ovaries will work better in both number and quality. Reduce the rate of ectopic pregnancy and increase the rate of birth. In the male side, the quality and sperm semen will be improved.
  5. Abstain from alcohol and drugs in order to reduce the disability of the baby. Avoiding tea or coffee as Caffeine may decrease the success rate of pregnancy.
  6. Check up before pregnancy by expert doctors. In case of having specific diseases such as diabetes, pressure, heart disease, or Thyroid disorders then should be controlled or cured before pregnancy


General checkup

Before starting treatment at Smile IVF, doctor will ask for this preliminary examination;

  1. Blood test for finding viral infections that are susceptible transmission to infants such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and syphilis
  2. Rubella screening for vaccination before pregnancy starts
  3. Screening for Thalassemia to reduce the risk in the child.
  4. Screening for cervical cancer and sending additional tests if abnormalities are found
  5. In a family with a birth history with abnormal baby such as Myasthenia gravis (muscle weakness), intellectual disabilities and color blindness may require additional genetic testing before starting treatment.
  6. The doctor will assess mental readiness in order to know the risk of depression, stress or mental health problems that will affect the treatment process



Checkup for related cause of infertility

Female : Doctor will ask information for finding the cause of infertility such as ultrasound examination for checking the uterus and ovarian tube which indicates the ability of pregnancy. The assessment for ovarian reserve by counting the number of eggs or measure the level of the pituitary gland hormone such as Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH), Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) to indicate the quantitative of ovaries (ovarian reserve) and predict the chance of pregnancy.


Male : Semen Analysis (SA) to assess the quantity and quality of sperm. Before the semen analysis day should abstain from ejaculation for 3-7 days, sleep enough, stop alcohol drinks. Also, DNA fragmentation test is performed to see the integrity and quality of sperm.